Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Some Songs...What Should I Choose


Yesterday, I went out with my hubby to a a couple of stores, the bank and the drug store..yeah, I did too much but I was happy to get out. I plan to not do that much today except a little dusting. My German ancestry would not be happy with thatπŸ˜€.  I am late writing this (no kidding) but I hope you like my picks since I am going hippie. I do have quite the eclectic taste in music and love classic rock, old style rock and roll, I do truly like. Some heavier metal stuff like AC/DC and even some Judas Priest but just don’t make me have to listen to really heavy stuff with the lead singer sounding like he got his voice from Mephistopheles. I don’t like Rap or Hip Hop or most popular music today. Now there are always some exceptions but most are a big NO.

  So, I am going Woodstock as in the famous concert from 1969, that my brother still wishes he would have been old enough to be there. I love the documentary that was made that shows all the big acts. I had no clue that Sha Na Na was there..very strange to me til this day. So here are my 3 songs that I love...


I love Grace Slicks’s  voice and this song just fully displays how strong her voice was. I always thought this was such a unique song. It’s a shame that she got so, so heavy into drugs, like many did back then. 


The Who gave a great performance at the concert with Pete Townsend destroying, yet another guitar. Drug induced with very tight pants, they gave great performances and my brother was lucky enough to see them back in 1979, I think. Mind you, he saw them 2 weeks after the disaster in Cincinnati where many people died due to selling too many tickets. The kids rushed a door to get in and people were crushed with 11 dying and many injured. Anyway, my brother left the concert early because the people were pushing to the front just like what happened 2 weeks prior. He did not want to be a casualty. Thankfully, nothing happened and that type of selling was stopped. 


Our Canadian, Joni Mitchell, penned this song and was made famous by this great group. I always loved this song which seemed to sum up what Woodstock was and is.

Any songs you love from this famous concert?


  1. I have to admit I'm not a fan of most sixties music. It wasn't until the seventies that I really got into it.
    Hope you relax today.

  2. Hi Birgit, so pleased you got out and about today, sounds like you're getting stronger every day.....but don't rush it.
    I'm really a classical music fan, especially choral music, I sing with the Inverness Choral Society, and after many years still get tingles down my spine when we perform Handle's Messiah, keep safe, Kate x

  3. "One pill makes you larger. Go ask Alice."
    (script of shelved Viagra commercial)

    Hi, Birgit!

    I'm relieved to see a post from you, dear friend, and to know you got out and about and did a few more things on the road to recovery. I admire your brother for wishing he were old enough to remember Woodstock or even to be there as it happened. Many people of younger generations express little or no interest in boomer era music.

    Thanks for taking us back to the excitement of the big rock fest. What a huge year - 1969! I remember how big "See Me, Feel Me" was at the time. I heard that song everywhere I went on the campus of PSU. I once belonged to a garage band that had high hopes of attaining the same level of success as The Who. We flopped because we made the mistake of destroying our instruments on stage BEFORE the performance. I love the evocative Joni Mitchell song about the "Woodstock" phenomenon, both her version and the CSN version.

    I'd like to mention the Santana set, the BS&T set and the Jimi Hendrix set as highlights of the festival. I hate that Sha Na Na was invited to that party because, in my opinion, they built their success on mocking and doing parody of rock & roll, not performing it authentically and paying respectful tribute to it.

    Take care, dear friend BB. I'll meet you tamale in the balcony -- "At The Movies!"

  4. The White Rabbit is cool, groovy I believe the word is because the song simply is awesome.

  5. Excellent choices. Loved White Rabbit:)

  6. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house for a bit. Take it easy.

  7. Love all of these! I would have loved to have gotten to see the bands live! What an experience. :) Great picks!

  8. I've been told I was born a generation too late, since while everyone of my teeny bopper friends were listening to disco, I was listening to the same songs you showcased today. Thanks for taking me back there, dear friend.

    Glad you got out, but now you need to rest!

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  10. My favourite era for music! ♥ Thanks for the memories, Birgit and I enjoyed the background information, as well. I thought you were more into classical music and was surprised to learn you like rock. Cool! ☺ I'm glad you are slowly regaining your strength.

  11. Hi Birgit - glad to know you're improving enough to have a brief visit out. I always love others musical takes - and one day I hope I can watch a review of Woodstock ... it was an amazing era. Cheers Hilary

  12. Hi Birgit - I found my way here via John's Gene Krupa post. When I first started blogging, I had (still do, never write there anymore Random Thoughts By Shelley) a blog on this platform. Then went off to Wordpress. I enjoyed your song choices, the drum sounds remind me of you know who we have in common! I'm inspired to do some speed dusting, it's my preferred method too. That dog photo is precious - I remember when we had to put one on our Golden Retriever. He could do some damage with that when he walked around the house. I hope you have a wonderful week - thanks again for stopping by to say hi!